Sweet Tooth No More (well, at least less so)


While perusing my food themed Pinterest page today I was taken aback by the lack of variety in my pins. More specifically, that if the food in question does not fall under the category of a dessert, then it might as well not exist to me. Now I know my apparently insatiable appetite for sweets has become legendary, but I really do eat fairly well most of the time – I swear. So I’ve got a plan. To help break me of my many, many holiday indulgences, Karl and I will be embarking on a 3 day veggie/fruit juice cleanse. It will be our first, so our nerves are high. I fear I’ll experience the cartoon moment where our sweet dog Sadie might appear to me as a giant, juicy turkey leg. But fingers crossed we will emerge unscathed and quite refreshed. Stay tuned next Friday for the story of how it all went down!


Photo credits on my Pinterest page

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