Merry Monday

Why am I surprised that our new site design is taking longer than anticipated?? Probably because we have such a well structured process for all of our clients that I assumed this would apply to our new site design as well. But as spectacular as this new site will be I have to remember we are squeezing it in between paying client work – to the bottom of the priority list with you, new site! And with a full schedule of client work (no complaints here!), that doesn’t leave much time for personal work. But I can tell you that the front end design is complete. Karl has begun the development, and I am now putting together the gorgeous new portfolio items. I think late November would be a good estimate of the launch date – fingers crossed.

In other news, I have begun this year’s holiday card design. These are always such a blast to design because I can do whatever my heart desires. And this year it desires thick hunter green paper with gold foil. Stay tuned for photos.

:: Gina

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