On Search Engine Optimization

Our clients ask us all the time if we offer any Search Engine Optimization services. We follow, as most good designers do, best practices (proper linking, headlines, image tags, etc.). Beyond that, we’ve found no need for it. As is often said, “content is king” when it comes to your site. So many SEO practices sacrifice the brand integrity and usability of the site for that top position in Google. So sure, you may have the most high-profile location, but do you have the best quality content and value for your customers?

Here’s a great metaphor and article on the subject:

People often use the metaphor of positioning yourself on a high-street in the center of a city when comparing SEO to a retail premises location. The most important thing to remember is that it really doesn’t matter if your store is on a gorgeous marble shopping street nestled in between Gucci and Prada… If it’s a shack with rusty metal racks and a rude shop assistant, nobody is going to go in, and if they do go in then they’ll leave again immediately.

-from “Create Great Websites, Without Any SEO”

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