Chocolate Ambassador Gina

Our amazing local chocolatier, Eclipse Chocolat, recently created a Willy Wonka-esque competition to award one lucky winner a lifetime supply of chocolate! They hid platinum tickets inside eight of their delectable chocolate bars, and I was lucky (it was fate)  enough to come away with one!

The competition between myself and my seven competitors went down last weekend. It was two hours of grueling chocolatey challenges: speed wrapping (with precision) chocolate bars, blind folded identification of flavored sea salts using our sense of smell, naming chocolate/candy themed song titles, taste identifying rare flavors infused into truffles, speed arranging a packed box of truffles, and the final trivia portion.

Round by round, I blazed my way through the competition…until the end when I was crowned the victor, and given my new title: Chocolate Ambassador! I will now be feasting on a case of chocolate each month for the next twenty years! No one could have been more passionate about a competition such as this. I trained hard (ate lots of chocolate) and came to win. Good thing too; twenty years of chocolate might finally be able to sate my chocolaty cravings.

-Gina (Chocolate Ambassador)


Eclipse Chocolate owner, Will Gustwiller, shown above

The port holes shown in the photos above are windows into their chocolate making facility. Delish!

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