Anatomy of a Workspace // Gina

Karl captured this dramatic photo of me working yesterday and I thought I’d break down some of the highlights of my work space.

1 / Sprinkles Cupcake Cup – Holds pens & markers while keeping the thought of cupcakes never too far away  2 / Thymes Frasier Fir Candle – It’s like working in a pine forest  3 / Vintage Turquoise Desk – I like even my most basic furniture to be artful and inspiring  4 / Rescue Pup from Baja Dog Rescue – Sadie subs in as a blanket during these “chilly” San Diego days  5 / Julie West Prints – Bottom line, I can’t get enough  6 / Herman Miller Mirra Chair – Allows me to sit for 8 hours without physical duress

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