Benedetto Wine Concert in Napa

This past weekend, Karl and I headed over to lovely Napa for the annual Benedetto Miner Winer Concert. Each year my dad, who makes Benedetto Guitars, makes a guitar for winemaker Dave Miner in exchange for a Benedetto Wine. What a great deal! The guitar is also stained in the same wine – pretty cool! To celebrate this release Dave hosts a jazz concert under the stars at his winery. It’s always a thrill to be sipping Benedetto wine and watching Benedetto guitar players!

We also managed to eat and drink our way through Napa; what a blast! Here are some snippets from our trip.

The stage was gorgeous!! Wine barrels stacked high and fantastic lighting!

The sun setting during the concert. Such a beautiful evening. (my dad is on my left :))

Outside Michael Chiarello’s Bottega, where we had the most delicious lunch!!

To die for Zepolle with meyer lemon curd.

Peeking into the Bottega kitchen before lunch – where the pasta magic happens!

Oxbow Market – more yummy food & wine!

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