Photo Shoot – Los Angeles

Happy Friday to you all! Tomorrow morning I will be hitting the road bright and early for a photo shoot I am directing in Los Angeles. It’s been super fun to conceptualize both the new branding and photographic direction for this client. Before I was a graphic designer I was actually a photographer by trade, so a job like this is right up my alley! Though I prefer not to shoot professionally these days, I still love to design and direct creative shoots like this for our clients. With multiple locations and models, I’ll have a full day of photographic goodness ahead of me!


1 / Preparation for a full day in the LA sun begins by slathering myself in my favorite mineral sunscreen. 2 / Hours of standing means my dogs will need some love. Some cork sandal love, to be exact. 3 / Nothing will keep me better hydrated and alert than gallons of tart lemonade. 4 / An ode to our location city, this tote bag will keep all my notes (and snacks) right at my fingertips. 5 / At the end of this shoot I’ll be heading over to our client Chego’s grand opening for a Sour Cream Hen House bowl – good God it’s delicious!

Tasty News

Hello All!

As food fanatics, we are super excited to be working with Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles. The project is almost complete – I can’t wait to share it with you all! Being the artists that we are, we made sure to engage in plenty of “research” while in LA; scarfing down scrumptious short rib tacos, rice bowls, kimchi quesadillas … you get the idea. Here’s a photo of me during one such trip. Boy, do we love our job!



Hello! I am finally going to be photographing Swan Source’s lovely new print materials tomorrow – and then adding them to our portfolio asap! Keep your eyes posted!

It’s official, we are now scheduling projects for the end of August. Boy oh boy, we could not be happier with the projects we have been and will be working on. I just have to remember to carve out some time during the summer to work on our new site! I have so many great ideas for the site, including the addition of testimonials with each project. We get the kindest, most enthusiastic, words from our clients that need to be shared.

Happy Friday to you all!

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Happy Friday!

Our schedule is filling up fast! Looks like we are now booking into early Fall – crazy! In other, non-work-related, news … tonight is the big party at our very own Eclipse Chocolat, where I will be officially crowned Chocolate Ambassador. PLUS, the entrance fee will go directly to our favorite charity, Baja Dog Rescue. Devouring loads of chocolate + helping needy pups = my kind of Friday night!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lovely Print Materials

We are working on some lovely new print materials for our client, Theresa (Swan Source). I wanted to show you a sneak peek of the envelopes that incorporate a clear sticker of her logo. This is a nice, cost-effective alternative to printing on the envelope itself. The possibilities are endless! The final pieces to the suite, her business card + letterhead, are currently being printed – I can’t wait to add everything to our portfolio soon!


Kymera featured in Blend Magazine

Our work is featured in the latest issue of Blend magazine – a fantastic design publication based in Hong Kong. The whole issue is chock full of design goodness! Karl was even asked to draw cartoony versions of ourselves for our spread. Big hugs to our new friends in China! xx

Cat piloted planes & flying cupcakes – view full invitation suite




Vietnamese Cooking School

Mama Vu’s Vietnamese Cooking School, to be exact. We recently gathered with friends one sunny afternoon to learn how to make some traditional Vietnamese street food. Who better to teach us than our own Mama Vu (our friend Lynn’s mom). I had the pleasure of photographing this culinary exploration as we made: Xôi – sticky rice (2 different kinds), Chả Giò– her famous egg rolls!!, Bánh Bao– Steamed pork buns,  & Gỏi Cuốn– shrimp & pork spring rolls. We cooked, drank and feasted all blessed day. Here are a few photos from my full post. I couldn’t wait until Friday to share these photos with you. Happy Tuesday!





Wonderful Work

It’s busy busy over here! We are beginning to book our schedule into early summer – fantastic! Due to my super hectic schedule, I didn’t have a lot of time this week to put together a well thought out Friday post. But let me say this — since it can’t be said enough — we feel so honored to do be doing what we love for the most wonderful people from around the world. It’s a very exciting time for Kymera and we are so very grateful to all of you!


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New Website

I think the time might be approaching again…for a Kymera website redesign. We’ve been so busy with client work for the last, well…a while, that I haven’t paid much attention to our own website. Other than my Friday blog posts, I haven’t given any thought to the relevance of our current design. But I think the time has come again; and summer seems like an appealing season to begin such an endeavor. When the warmth of summer arrives, with iced coffee in hand, I will begin the process again. So keep an eye out in early Fall for the shiny new version!